Water Leak Detection

How to know if your pipes are leaking

Since your pipes are behind walls and underneath floors, it can often be hard to tell if a leak has occurred. However, there are some noticeable signs that indicate you have a leak.

You may need professional water leak services if...

  • Your water bill is through the roof
  • Your home smells gross and musty
  • You notice mold and mildew in your home
  • There are cracks in your home's foundation
  • There are stains on your walls, ceilings or floors

Tejas Plumbing Services will get to the bottom of your plumbing problem ASAP. Reach out right away to get professional water leak services.

Avoid damage to your foundation slab

Since most of your water and sewer pipes run under your home, it can be hard to tell where your slab leak is. Luckily, Tejas Plumbing Services can deliver the detection services you need to pinpoint the problem.

We offer a variety of leak detection services in Mesquite, Sulphur Springs, Emory, Greenville, Forney, Rockwall, Sulphur Springs, TX and surrounding areas. Turn to us for...

  • Camera inspection services
  • Sewer isolation testing services
  • Hyperstatic testing services

Find where your slab leak starts and ends with the proper testing services. Call 903-413-7440 today to learn more about our leak detection services.